Crazy Golf - 8th April

Spring if officially here and GADA is officially doing outdoor trips, YAY! Again, this has been a very popular trip which we could have filled many times over.

In a weird and completely unintended turn of events, the trip was made up of solely male members. So, a 'lads day out' it became! We jumped on the bus and took a short 10 minute journey over to Battersea Park.

As we approached the Putt In The Park centre it became clear we were to play underneath a Go Ape tree top adventure course: you can guess what happened next... "We should do GO APE next time!"

After the initial excitement at arriving at the centre, we queued up to get our equipment: clubs and scoring cards etc. We then started the 18 hole course and had a right old laugh along then way. It was a perfect relaxing activity to do in the spring sun, and enough of a workout to necessitate the whole group going for stone oven baked pizza straight after the 18th hole. The pizza (served in the putt in the park centre) wasn't the cheapest, but it certainly was one of the tastiest pizzas!

To finish the day, we grabbed an ice cream each and went to sit in the park. John was so happy with the sun was shining, he did a bit of sunbathing. We all reflected over the day, planned our GO APE trip and simply hung out like lads do; it was a simple yet beautiful moment.