Accessible clinical psychology sessions for Share students

Trainee Clinical Psychologists from the Wandsworth Learning Disability Healthcare Team have been visiting Share to deliver a number of sessions for our Independent Living Skills students as part of the Live Well, Feel Great project funded by the Wimbledon Foundation.

The first session covered friendships and relationships and discussed issues such as managing conflict, communication, boundaries, respect. Our students learned about what friendship is and what friends may have in common and what similarities they may have. Our students were given examples of what friendship means and what it might involve – for example, giving advice, eating food together and listening to each other. This session also addressed what issues might cause arguments and some of the approaches that could be adopted by our students if arguments arise, such as walking away, telling staff, relaxation exercises and going outside to get some fresh air.

The second session discussed identifying feelings, and highlighted a range of relaxation and anxiety strategies. Our students were encouraged to identify how they feel physically when they are anxious and jot them down on the white board for everyone to discuss, after which they were taught breathing exercises that they could use to help them relax.

Share's Independent Living Team Leader, Eolan Healy, commented “The Trainee Clinical Psychologists were really engaging and made sure everyone was included. The topics covered were on point and the sessions were very solutions focused.”

Our students found the sessions really useful and will be exploring other important topics such as improving self confidence, overcoming anger and irritability, and self-care in the coming months through our partnership with Talk Wandsworth.

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