Big Lottery grant helps Share connect with families and carers

Thanks to Big Lottery funding we’ve launched an initiative to bridge the gap between learning at Share and learning at home. Our Family Liaison Officers will help us connect better with families and carers and reinforce independent life skills at home. They’ll work to reassure and encourage families and carers to support students to put into practice the skills they’re learning - how to eat healthily, do simple daily exercises, and take a more active role in everyday tasks like shopping.

Our aim is to help people be more connected within their communities and live fuller, happier, and more independent lives. Students and their families will help to lead the project through regular feedback sessions, ensuring that it meets their individual needs and expectations. We'll work closely with families and carers, building on their unique knowledge and insight to help improve the quality of life of those they care for.

Our initial focus, given the recent pandemic, is to ensure that students and families are supported and help those that may be struggling with low mental health. As we resume our services we’re working with families to understand their challenges and support the transition back to face-to-face learning. A key issue is to ensure students have greater access to technology. We’ll continue to adapt to any further changes as we move forwards.

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