Black History Month at Share

Flags for Black History Month

During October, we marked Black History Month by celebrating different aspects of black culture. Two of our projects worked alongside each other to really understand the need to shine a light on the contribution of black heritage to society.

Students in our STEPS programme began by researching the reason behind Black History Month, they examined countries that had a significant impact on black lives, identified key facts, studied different flags, and then presented their research to the class. They researched significant figures that influenced black lives throughout history, including Usain Bolt, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama and Marcus Garvey.

Our catering students explored food from the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. For many it was their first experience of tasting some spices, sauces, fruit, and vegetables. They researched different dishes, cooked and presented them to other students to eat at lunchtime. Jollof rice was a firm favourite!

We’ll continue to define and share black heritage in our teaching and learning so that it’s not confined to October, but is celebrated all the time.

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