Community Police help Share students stay safe in public

We had a visit from Police Community Support officers Lorraine and Adrian to talk to our students about personal safety. There are many things we can do to stay safe in public and it’s important that people have the right information to help them know what to do if they feel anxious and unsure.

The officers explained how to conduct yourself safely when on public transport and what to do if there’s an incident on the bus. It's great for our students to build trust and connect with our local community police. They asked plenty of questions and shared anecdotes about times they’ve felt unsafe.

It was a welcome change to have an in-person visit to our main site in Clapham Junction and although class sizes were limited due to restrictions, all other classes joined via Zoom.

Shawn said, ‘I liked it, it was good.’  

Amal said, ‘It was good. About the bus, inside the bus some people are arguing, tell the bus driver and don’t get involved. Ignore people arguing and walk away. Adrian and Lorraine are nice.’ 

And Nigel said, ‘They were talking to us for some time. They’re from Lavender Hill police station. They talked about the Clapham Common incident. Knowing when to cross the road safely. Ask the staff for assistance (on the bus or train) if you need it.’

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