Funding helps Share run healthy cooking event

Thanks to support from the Wandsworth Grant Fund, last month we partnered with Healthy Living Platform to run a cooking event to teach our students how to prepare and cook nutritious meals. Five students, together with their parents or carers, attended a Saturday session at our professional-grade kitchen to learn practical skills, food hygiene, and portion control. We started with an informal discussion about favourite foods and then Zoe from Healthy Living Platform showed us the NHS ‘eatwell guide’ to understand what healthy balanced meals look like.

Students then cooked in pairs with their parents and carers, learning chopping and peeling techniques, and then made a delicious meal of sweet potato curry, brown rice, coleslaw, and banana bread cupcakes. Everyone sat down together to enjoy the food and most plates were cleared! We also compared the ingredients in our homemade curry with a supermarket-bought jar to see how many additives, like sugar and preservatives can be found in commercially prepared sauces.

Students and their families went home with their own ingredients pack and recipe sheet so they could replicate the meal at home. The day was a big success, Amin said ‘I like the recipe'!

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