Grants help Share upgrade catering facilities

Thanks to funding from the Wolfson Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation our catering space at Altenburg gardens has undergone a refurbishment.

We’ve redesigned the old storeroom into a more manageable space with half the area housing upgraded shelving and the other half boasting a walk in fridge. We’ve improved the ventilation, with a new extractor fan over the cooking area and new windows creating a light, airy space. There’s a sleek new backsplash and the old fridges have gone making room for even more user-friendly shelving.

Kenny, our chef tutor said, ‘It’s wonderful, ten times better, it makes the space feel just like a top professional kitchen.’

Creating a more efficient teaching kitchen is helping our students learn about food safety and keeping food fresh. With everything so well organised they can find things easily and the space now exudes calm efficiency. Rachael our assistant chef commented that it makes going about daily tasks so much better.


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