Health checks for people with learning disabilities

We are on a mission to encourage our students to understand the importance of regular health checks and to make sure they feel more comfortable about going to see a doctor or other health professional if they ever need to.

We were therefore delighted to welcome third-year medical students from Imperial College London, currently based at Chatfield Health Practice for their GP placement, to deliver a workshop to Share students to discuss what a health check entails and what equipment might be used during an appointment and why.

The workshop provided information on regular checks that might be carried out – for example, how a doctor might listen to a person's heart, and how a measurement of height, weight and blood pressure might be taken – as well as more specialist tests such as that for diabetes, asthma and urine infections. In addition, it outlined what happens during preventative health care appointments and why these are so important for good health – for example, getting a flu jab or other vaccinations.

What happens at the GP?

To find out more about our healthy living programme, contact Jenny Bourlet, Share's Healthy Living Coordinator, via email

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