Learning to make healthy food choices

Share students at Waitrose Southside

It’s important for everyone to learn about making healthy food choices. Recently Waitrose in Southside Shopping Centre ran a healthy eating workshop for our students. Donna met with us and explained the different food groups. She showed the students where to look for healthier foods in the store and how to read labels such as “1 of your 5 a day” or the traffic light system that Waitrose use; green for healthiest foods and red for unhealthy foods you shouldn’t eat too much of.

She talked about different jobs at the shop and what kind of roles and employment support they offer. Students also went on a behind-the-scenes tour of the store. Everyone then enjoyed tea and coffee in the café where we could relax and eat lunch.

Learning out in the community and being welcomed so warmly by a local business really adds to our students’ experience. Not only is it educational but it helps build their confidence. Many of our students live locally to Southside Shopping Centre and it’s great for them to feel that it’s a safe and comfortable place to visit.  It was a valuable experience and Donna made us feel really welcome.

‘Thank you Donna, it was very nice’ - Harish

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