London Marathon 2017. Running for Share...Part 1

Phoebe Scriven has been a trustee of Share for over four years and will be running the 2017 London Marathon for Share on 23 April 2017. Here is Part 1 of her marathon diary, and (despite everything she writes) she is very excited to be running for Share. Watch this space for more training updates in the coming months as Phoebe prepares for race day.

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Marathon diary: Starting off again
January. Runs complete: 9. Miles covered: 36.02

When I was a child and growing up in the wilds of the West Midlands, it came about that I was conscripted into my school's cross-country team. Clad in thin cotton vests, the team would stomp around in the mud and cold, whilst an enthusiastic maths teacher blew a whistle and joyfully called out our times. Then, long-distance running posed a conundrum for me: sheer determination made me an adequate runner yet I disliked it to the extent that in the run up to competitions, I often hoped for an errant injury (for some reason broken arm seemed to fit) to quite literally put me out of the running.

Fast forward a decade or two and I sign up for a marathon.

At this point that I should confess: I am not a natural runner. Mentally, I have all the stubbornness required but in terms of physical attributes, it's been noted by both health professionals and well-meaning onlookers that I am well built for sprinting but not for long distance. Great.

But run I will. One of the better/worse aspects of running for a charity – where not only it's a great cause but also one that I've worked with for so long – is that there's quite the incentive to do well. So, shedding the misgivings of my youthful training, this month I kicked off training to do my best to do well by all of Share. Training mainly consists of early morning runs (I like to go back to bed afterwards to pretend they never happened) and finding what my 'running fuel' will be (Percy Pigs).

So, despite previous experiences, until 23rd April, you will find me running up and down the Thames path in the early, quiet hours of the morning. The familiar refrains are there but updated to 2017: I now have an app that joyfully calls out my times and it's cold – but frankly icily so right now. However, I'm glad to say that there has been a shift in my thinking for the better: no longer do I hope for injury to avoid race day, no more do I wear such ridiculously thin clothing and sometimes, I find there is a peace in a steady run when no one else is about.

When I'm not focusing on how tired I am, it's almost enjoyable.

Phoebe Scriven
Share Trustee

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