More fitness fun for Share students

Sports day - playing tennis

Our second sports day at Battersea Sports Centre gave all Share students another opportunity to get active and fit while trying out a number of different sports and activities including basketball, tennis, football and curling, as well as gentle yoga. The aim was to have a fun, inclusive event with accessible sports, and encourage people to work in teams as well.

The day was supported by our local NHS network and Healthwatch Wandsworth who surveyed our students to find out their views about using local health services. The easy-read surveys were developed by Share's Basic Skills class as part of their Data Collecting, and Speaking and Listening modules; class members worked with NHS staff to help complete the questionnaires and collate the responses. 

"Really good, my favourite was basketball and football." Jodie

"It was nice, I played football, basketball and jogging." Vishal

"Very good yoga, I did it twice, it made me feel so much better and relaxed." Yasmin

"Sports day was good, I like coming to it, it's very interesting. I tried yoga and exercises." Joyce

"I liked the sports." Hassan

"I did yoga, it's good." Venisha

 "I thought it was fantastic, everyone got together and talked to each other, everyone was happy. I thought the sports were good. I tried football this morning, kicking the ball into the goal." Angela

Share's first sports day


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