New social inclusion project ‘I Choose My Friends’ launched

Vishal and Mansoor

Helping people develop and explore new friendships, Share’s new ‘I Choose My Friends’ scheme has developed out of our successful Go Anywhere Do Anything programme. The aim is to identify and nurture friendships at Share by helping people go out and socialise together. Open to everyone who attends Share, people choose a friend and they both decide where to go, then meet up outside our opening hours, in evenings or weekends, with the support of volunteers.

Vishal invited Mansoor to meet up with him and the pair decided to play a round of crazy golf and then go out for food. We worked with Vishal’s volunteer befriender Iain and fellow volunteer Adrien to organise a trip out. They went along to support Vishal and Mansoor and met up on a Saturday morning at Clapham Junction station, walked to Putt In The Park at Battersea Park, played a round of mini golf, and then ate pizza together in the café. Whilst our usual Go Anywhere, Do Anything trips out involve larger groups, sometimes it’s also nice to spend time just hanging out with a friend or two. Vishal has already been planning what to do next time they meet up!

We plan to develop the scheme further with a phased approach that gradually decreases Share’s involvement with the meet-ups over time.

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