Positive attitudes from a local business

Students enjoying Cote Brasserie

At Share we aim to build a better understanding of people with learning disabilities. Working with local communities is very important to how we integrate disability in society. We’re always appreciative when a local business opens their doors to us and makes us feel welcome.

Recently we visited Côte Brasserie, a local restaurant in Battersea. On the second hottest day ever in London we walked down and arrived in urgent need of refreshment. We were greeted and served by attentive and welcoming staff who showed us to our table which had been reserved in an area of the restaurant with plenty of space. The patient waiting staff took the time to speak individually to each student to take their drink orders and sent over complimentary bread and french fries which we all really enjoyed. At the end of our visit the manager came out to personally thank us for coming and to top off a really fantastic visit, the restaurant waived our bill! 

Through no fault of their own those with learning disabilities often feel isolated and excluded from many of the leisure activities that we take for granted. Many of our students don’t often visit restaurants and some struggle with speaking and communication. So it was a real delight to experience such a positive public attitude to disability. Our students had an amazing time and we can’t thank Côte Brasserie enough!

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