Results from Share's carer survey 2016

Results from Share's 2016 carer survey provide great insight about what carers think about the services we currently provide here at Share and highlights some key areas they would like additional help and support with.

This year, 34 carers, parents, support workers or care managers participated in the survey. In general, carers were very positive about Share and the services we provide. Many people commented that Share should keep up the good work and that it is a very friendly and supportive place. Other main findings were:

  • 100% of carers felt Share was excellent, good or OK at supporting students to make and maintain friendships, to live a happy life and to learn and develop new skills;
  • Over 97% of carers felt Share was excellent, good or OK in terms of encouraging students to be more independent;
  • 100% of respondents said that they had noticed a positive change in the person they support within the last year;
  • 100% of carers felt confident that Share was able to meet the needs of the person they support;
  • 100% of carers were positive about the services Share provided in terms of safety, quality of service, effectiveness, competence of staff and wellbeing care.

What carers value most about Share

"Everybody is happy and Share is a joyful place. Makes me happy knowing the person I care for likes to attend Share."

"The things I most value about Share are the positive, encouraging, caring attitude of all the staff. Each student is treated as an individual."

"The staff commitment towards all their students is what I value most about Share. The love they show all the students is the most valuable asset about Share." 

Positive changes seen in students within the past year

"The person I care for is a lot more confident and enjoys coming to Share"

"My client is more confident, and has done some amazing things in groups and outings that she has enjoyed immensely"

"In the last year my daughter has become much more confident. She is a shy person but does not always give the appearance of this. With support and encouragement from staff at Share she is gradually overcoming this and believing more in herself"

If you are a parent or carer of someone attending Share, and would like to have your say, contact Leanne Wood via email or telephone 020 7801 9825. Alternatively, come along to one of our regular Parent/Carer meetings where you can meet other carers and Share staff to share your experiences.

Read the full 2016 Carer Survey Report


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