Share partners with the Royal College of Art for Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2022

Nicola modeling hats against a yellow background

Share Community and the Royal College of Art are collaborating to produce a unique millinery fashion show featuring accessible hat designs and bespoke headwear. The project, titled Fashion + Joy = Share + RCA, includes Share artists who are adults with learning disabilities, autism and other support needs, and alumni and students from the Royal College of Art’s MA Fashion Programme.

During a series of workshops, they’ll explore inventive approaches to the making process, reflecting an interest in upcycling, and use adaptive tools and multimedia crafting. The project culminates in a millinery fashion show which is open to the public and part of South West London's eclectic arts festival, the Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2022. This joyful event will challenge perceptions about disability and ableism. It will enable disabled artists to thrive as creative individuals, as they take to the catwalk and express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings by wearing their own art.

*Venue and date announced*

The fashion show will take place on Friday 17th June, from 4pm to 6pm at the Royal Academy of Dance, 188 York Road, London, SW113JZ.

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