Share students get fit and healthy thanks to NHS Wandsworth Community Grant

We’re delighted to receive funding from NHS Wandsworth to roll out a year-long programme of initiatives to help our students keep active and look after their health and wellbeing. We’ve provided them with pedometers to track their steps which encourages us to go out on more walks in some of our wonderful local green spaces. And we’ve appointed health champions who support their peers to walk more, take the stairs instead of the lift, and increase activity overall.

Our health champions also help promote positive health messages. The entire class have been creating useful, easy-read information displayed on a dedicated health and wellbeing board at Share, like how to cut down on cholesterol, eat more healthily, and enhance your wellbeing using meditation.

We’re monitoring everyone’s weekly steps, running a popular steps challenge on Thursdays, and recording how people are feeling. And students have been writing articles for our in-house easy-read newspaper, sharing tips and success stories.

About the pedometers Yasmin said, ‘I really liked wearing it and walking around, plus I do more walking when I go home.’

Gus said, ‘It was really great!’

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