Share students learn about cancer screening

Cancer screening information

This month Share's Independent Living Skills students have been learning all about cancer screening as part of our health awareness programme.

Female students learned about breast screening while male students received information about prostate health. 

Sarah Lea, from the South West London Breast Screening Services, discussed why it was important for women to look after their breasts and how to do this. Students were shown videos about what happens during a screening to help reduce some of the fear and anxiety associated with such health checks.

Meanwhile, Vivien, from Prostate Cancer UK, discussed prostate health with our male students. In particular, they were taught how to spot a prostate problem, what signs and symptoms to look for and what to do next.

These sessions were followed by a group session run by Karen Gray from St George's Hospital who discussed the importance of catching cancer early and how healthy living (eg, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and being active) could reduce the risk of some cancers.

Students were also encouraged to speak with their GP about any concerns they may have.

Discussing the sessions afterwards, Yasmin said she "learned a lot" in the session and Doris said she "does a lot of walking and goes to the gym" to stay healthy. Angela said that "we have to be healthy and do the right things to help avoid cancer. These sessions are very important and I liked everything".


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