Share students visit the dentist

Share students at the dentist

This month we visited Summerstown Dental Practice in Tooting to learn about dental care. The team were incredibly friendly and welcoming. They helped the students learn about what happens at a dentist appointment, why it’s important to have a check-up and how often you should visit. Students were able to see what tools a dentist might use. They talked about how to clean your teeth well, both morning and evening. The receptionists Helen and Dannisha and nurses Caroline and Camille loved showing our students how to brush and look after their teeth!

The session also highlighted the importance of a healthy diet and how limiting sweet foods can benefit both your teeth as well as your overall health. Afterwards, one student even made a healthy swap and chose water instead of a sugary drink.

The session was really interactive and a few students even got a chance to sit in the dentist's chair and have their teeth cleaned.  This really helped those who were nervous about visiting the dentist to overcome anxiety. It was also a great reminder about the importance of regular check-ups. One of our students has already decided to make a dentist appointment following the session.

The dental practice said, ' glad that the visits were useful and gave some insight into what happens at the dentist'.

The Share students really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. Thank you to the team at Summerstown Dental Centre for running such an informative and fun session.

This is what our students had to say:

 ‘Today we went to the dentist. We talked about teeth and how to clean teeth. Today the trip was nice.’ - Mansoor

‘The trip was good! I was a bit scared in the dentist, Chris cheered me up. Cleaning teeth. It was good.’ - Andre

 ‘Teeth, brushing teeth – go to the dentist every six months. Saw the dentist putting water in Chris’s mouth. Clean one tooth at a time in a circle. He counted Chris’s teeth. [When you’re on the dentist’s chair] put the glasses on and sit still.’  - Roy

‘We went to the dentist. Cleaning teeth. Chris had his teeth cleaned. The dentist puts on a mask and gloves. It was a good trip. Eating – no chocolate, no crisps – eat banana and water – healthy!’ - Harish

‘I was brave. I sat down on the dentist chair and kept still. He felt my teeth.’ - Chris

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