Share's annual parents and carers survey 2017

Parents and carers

The results from Share's parents and carers survey for 2017 are in.

This year, 43 carers, parents, support workers or care managers participated in the survey, and we're delighted to learn that all those who completed the survey thought that Share is providing an excellent, good or OK service in terms of safety, quality of service, effectiveness of support, competence of staff and wellbeing care. 

As part of the survey, we ask participants to rate Share's services across five key areas: maintaining and making friendships, living a happy life, developing and learning new skills, and being more independent.

Almost everyone taking part in the service thought the level of service provided at Share is excellent and that we should continue to do what we are doing. Share places a lot of emphasis on inclusion, independence and advocacy in our work, so the results of the survey are encouraging and suggest that we are on the right track in trying to provide the best service we can for each individual person, based on their specific needs and interests.

What carers value most about Share

"Without Share my son would be totally bored and restless, it is a lifeline for him. I can't imagine what he or myself would do without it."

"They help my child to be more independent."

"A caring, safe environment where all students feel valued and can learn a variety of skills."

"That you guys are always polite and stick by what you say and that you always support even when it's your time off." 

"The staff really care about providing the best possible service to their clients and recognise clients individuality, they adapt their teaching and are willing and flexible enough to come up with new strategies when problems or issues are identified."

Positive changes seen in students within the past year

"She has improved her confidence and physical health. The healthy living programme has encouraged her to think about her exercise and eating regime."

"My son is calm and participates more in the house and likes helping in the kitchen."

"My brother has only been attending Share for about three months, but already I have noticed that his confidence is growing, because he feels comfortable with the people that he has met, and they accept him for who he is."

"My son is showing more independence in travelling on public transport, doing voluntary work and in making decisions of his own."

"The job that she got through Share suits her down to the ground! She has become more confident and independent. Her job allows her to meet and socialise with different people of all ages and from different backgrounds."

If you are a parent or carer of someone attending Share, and would like to have your say, contact Leanne Wood via email or telephone 020 7801 9825. Alternatively, come along to one of our regular Parent/Carer meetings where you can meet other carers and Share staff to share your experiences.

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