Share's autism group helps make Wimbledon more autism-friendly

Wimbledon Visual Story

Share's newly formed autism student group, Spectrum took on their first assignment this month – to Wimbledon to advise on how the Championships could make their museum tour more autism-friendly by testing out Wimbledon's new visual story and offer their feedback.

Therefore, on the morning of their visit, our students met in Share's immersive learning space, to go through the visual story, which enabled them to anticipate and prepare for the environmental surroundings they would encounter during their visit. The story also identified key people they would meet during the day.

Our students then headed off to Wimbledon for a behind the scenes tour, which included opportunities to walk through the same doors as the players, sit in the seats in Wimbledon's Media Centre and learn what it takes to grow a perfect grass tennis court. After which they went to the museum to see the Championship Trophies and take part in the museum's Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, using the latest VR technology to be transported back in time.

Finally, it was time to provide their feedback:

  • Jodie said that she really loved the experience and felt the staff was nice and friendly;
  • Ummair loved the visual story and was able to remember from the visual tour that they would be arriving for their visit through Gate 4;
  • Jordan liked the VR Experience and was excited about buying his hat from the gift shop.

Our students also suggested making tour group sizes smaller for people with autism and learning disabilities, as, at times, it was difficult to keep up with a large group.

The group concluded that it was a really good day out and they would recommend the experience to anyone with autism.


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