Chris's trip to 575 Wandsworth Road and the Bonnington Cafe pop-up

Chris with help from Eleanor

We went to a house in Wandsworth. I liked the bedroom. But the only thing that was worrying me was the floor board, it was a bit creaky. When he [Khadambi Asalache] died he left the bed there. I didn’t like the stairs because they were squeaky. I liked the table. You can do some activities on it. I coloured in a plate. There was a toilet, chairs. I want to go there again. Don’t sell it please! I liked the carpets on the floor, he left them there when he died. There was a typewriter on the table that he used to type on and a stereo and another bed. You had to take your shoes off and be careful not to slip over. I saw some animals painted on the wall, giraffes and elephants. There were pencil marks on the wood carvings. Afterwards we came to the Bonnington cafe to have lunch.

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