Edmond – growing in confidence, and going out and about

Edmond has global learning disabilities and joined Share in 2014 to study life skills at Share.

Edmond is a quiet person with a gentle nature who is always interested in other people, and curious about the world around him. Although he was very shy when he first arrived, and a bit hesitant to join in, he has grown in confidence, making new friends and trying lots of new activities.

In particular, he has been very keen to go out and about with Share’s Go Anywhere, Do Anything programme. His family was a little concerned that he might find the trips out to central London a bit daunting, but he has impressed everyone by his will to do more and go further and further afield.

Edmond has been on six trips with Go Anywhere, Do Anything so far, including adventures up London’s Shard building, a day out at the transport museum and to see a play at the theatre. He notes that his favourite trip was an outing to The Beautiful Octopus Club nightclub at the Southbank Centre. Edmond said he enjoyed dancing and meeting people, and continued to dream about being on the dance floor following the event. Afterwards, he said, 'that was fun, I would do that again', adding that when he got home he ‘needed a cup of tea and a piece of cake!’.

Despite his quiet voice, Edmond has a lot to say and is now the first to say hello, making his presence in the room known and telling everyone stories about his holidays and days out with Go Anywhere, Do Anything.

On one trip, we were really impressed when Edmond was courageous and assertive enough to challenge our bill when we were overcharged in a restaurant. At first, he thought he was too shy to talk to the waitress, but he did a great job and we got our money back!

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