Fatima - excelling in the kitchen

Fatima at work in the kitchen

Fatima was fairly quiet and shy when she first joined Share. She was interested in catering but lacked confidence in herself and her abilities in the kitchen. Her catering tutor realised she needed to explore all areas of the kitchen and to develop her knife skills and soon she began to thrive. Fatima loves cooking and wants to learn more about front of house. Her ultimate goal is to become a professional chef.

She has started to work on the stove preparing sauces, stews and vegetarian dishes. She’s also taking on the role of being head chef once a week so she can experience and understand how to ensure the kitchen runs smoothly.

Fatima has passed both the Introduction and Foundation level to food safety which is a qualification accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (C.I.E.H). She’s also developed skills in handling money and customer service by using the till at lunchtimes at our onsite café and catering service, where a range of meals are prepared and cooked daily. Applying these skills in a real-life setting has helped Fatima understand all about dealing with people in a café or restaurant.

This has really boosted her confidence and she’s overcome her initial shyness. Fatima is outgoing, likeable and kind and has made lots of friends at Share. She’s a dedicated student and shows a real concern for her fellow classmates, always offering to support them and is keen to share her ideas. 

Fatima has also been working on our Independent Living Skills programme and gaining an understanding of different types of workplaces, the skills needed to undertake various careers and how individuals communicate in a work setting. This is helping her take steps towards employability and we continue to see Fatima’s confidence in this area grow.

As Fatima says, “I am learning life changing skills and making friends and trying to socialise with them and discussing different topics with them… the time for me in Share is a very good time and very fun and enjoyable”.

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