A Halloween Story

Once upon a time there was a witch called Margaret. She wore a black coat, and a green mask and a tall black hat. She had a broomstick and a black cat and a motorbike. She was scary and she cast spells with her wand like Harry Potter.

On Halloween, she went trick or treating in London. She was given lots of sweets. Her favourites were Cadbury's chocolate and Skittles and Minstrels and Galaxy.

There were lots of children all dressed up as fairies, and ghosts, and skeletons, and vampires, and monsters, and zombies, and witches. But when they got to the houses, they found all the sweets were gone.

Margaret had taken all the sweets! Margaret saw the sad children and she laughed, so they ran away, crying.

"Hahahahaaa," she laughed. "I've got all the sweets!"

She ate them all up and her teeth went rotten. They hurt so much! She had to go to the dentist. He said, "I'm sorry, I've got to take all your teeth out."

But then Margaret saw that every tooth had turned into a sweet. The dentist, who was really a good wizard, said: "You have to give back the sweets to the children."

Margaret felt sad, and she found the children, and she gave them more sweets.

Then she smiled at them and they said, "You've got such lovely teeth!"

And Margaret said, "But I don't have any teeth!"

Then she realised that her teeth had come back.

By Karina, Joyce, Djuna, Ummair, Harish, Angela, Amal, Dionne, Vishal, Harris and Karen, members of Share's Creative Writing Class


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