Jordan's trips to Wandsworth Park and Battersea Library

Jordan with help from Eleanor

We went to Wandsworth. We walked by the river. I saw water and boats. I saw a grey heron, a cormorant, a duck and a moorhen. We sat at the cafe and had our lunch. I had a sandwich and pear and water in a cup. Two women from Wandsworth Park showed us trees, leaves and flowers. We saw leaves like maple, rowan and holly. I liked going to the park.

Today we went to Battersea Library. In the morning we did painting, writing, tracing and colouring. Art about parks. I made pictures of trees. In the afternoon we went back to the library. Looked around. Books, reading, stories. I looked at DVDs. I liked Battersea Library. I feel happy. I played a counting stones game with Ummair and Edmond and Kate.

When we go on trips in the future I would like to go shopping at Sainsbury's, to the cinema to watch a movie and I'd like to watch Happy Feet.

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