Joyce studies Life Skills, Catering and Digital Skills at Share. She joined Share to build her confidence in different areas of her life, with the aim of gaining some real life work experience and being more independent in her everyday life.

Joyce used to live with her mother in Clapham, but felt it was time to look at her options with regard to living more independently. With the help of Share, her social worker, and a referral to an independent advocacy service, Joyce now lives in a new supported housing complex in Putney. Joyce's confidence has grown and she is now living more independently than ever.

Learning how to cook and maintain kitchen hygiene has been great for Joyce, as it has allowed her to apply what she has learned in her own kitchen. As her confidence has grown, Joyce has been more willing to try new things, including going on holiday without her family for the first time by signing up with Yellow Submarine, who arranged a supported holiday for her.

Joyce is very active at Share – she has completed our Getting Ready for Work (GRoW) course and, with the help of her tutors, applied and completed a work placement in the kitchen of a local school. She is now a core part of the Share Catering social enterprise team, helping to serve at events.

Joyce is particularly creative – she excels at art and crafts, including jewellery making, knitting, felt-making and sewing, and many of her designs adorn the walls of Share. She is also musically gifted, singing pitch and rhythm perfectly, and with the help of her Life Skills and Music Tutor, recently joined Clapham Community Choir, which she is enjoying immensely.

At Share, Joyce is always ready to provide a helping hand to any other students who need it, whether it is to carry out tasks they can't or simply to make sure they are OK and offer a warm welcome. You'll often see her serving teas and coffees during break times or even helping our resident DJ Karina (one of our other students) to provide the music for Share's Student Christmas Party!

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