Joyce's experience of the Waitrose healthy eating workshop

Joyce with help from Eleanor
Joyce in the Waitrose cafe

We go out on Fridays, we go on trips. We go out with Alice. We go to different places. I feel good about the trips. Today I was leading the group. We came by the 87 bus. After lunch we’ll go back on the bus with Alice. We had a meeting with Donna in Waitrose and had our lunch in the cafe. We were talking to Donna about the food we must and must not eat and fruits and salad. We got fruit from Donna. We walked around and went to see where people at Waitrose work. I had a chat with Donna and my friends Shanice, Ummair and Edmond. We got a little badge, I got a strawberry. We got a leaflet and pencils to take home. We did some work with Donna. I went to Primark with Kate and we saw a Mickey Mouse jumper and an Elton John t-shirt.  I’m feeling good.

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