Mansoor - getting out and about and healthy

Mansoor is a happy, peaceful guy who although quiet, loves to talk about his passion for cricket and football.

In one of his first Student Star assessment, Mansoor identified that he wanted to improve his flexibility and fitness and that he would benefit from supported gym sessions. His Star assessment also indicated that he would benefit from learning more about healthy living, so that he can begin to take on more responsibility for his own health.

Since his assessment, he has gone on to attend many of the healthy living activities and workshops. Most recently he has attended the sessions on healthy snacks during which he identified which are healthy and unhealthy snack options from both supermarkets and coffee shops. He regularly made healthy choices and chose to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Furthermore, Mansoor has also joined Share’s new Thursday gym group, run in partnership with the Wandsworth Learning Disability Healthcare Team (WLDHT). The sessions are part of Share’s Live Well, Feel Great project and aim to help students improve fitness, coordination, strength and balance.

Over a period of nine weeks, Mansoor and a small group of students travelled over to a community gym to take part in a tailored gym session. Key health measurements were taken at the beginning and end of the programme and Mansoor achieved positive changes in his body mass index (BMI), endurance and functional muscle strength. He said “It’s nice, it made me feel happy, the weights are my favourite,” and he also very much enjoyed the cycling machines too!

Mansoor said he would like to do more exercise out of Share and so he talked to our Healthy Living Coordinator about what sort of exercise he might enjoy and when he was available. He has since been attending a weekly multisport exercise session every Wednesday which has cricket, table tennis, netball, football, basketball, bowls and badminton. Mansoor said his favourites are “cricket and table tennis” and that “it’s good”. It’s brilliant to see Mansoor taking part in exercise that he enjoys within the community and that will help him reach his goal of improved flexibility and fitness.

He has also recently improved his digital skills communication and has been emailing people at Share to ask them how they are. He has already increased in confidence and now initiates more conversations with friends and staff at Share. Mansoor hopes to continue learning more about healthy living and working towards more of his goals in the future.

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