Mary – blossoming in the Share Kitchen

Mary and social buddy

Mary Mary joined Share in 2015 and studies catering with us.

During her time at Share, Mary has achieved her Level 1 qualification in food safety, and is now an invaluable member of the catering team at Share. As part of her course, Mary helps with meal preparation as well as serving, having recently joined the team serving canapés at Share's Evening in the Garden event.

Mary finds new environments and meeting new people challenging. When Mary first arrived at Share, she was would be nervous and reluctant to be left alone at Share and would not engage with anyone at Share, opting to sit by herself. Since that time, Mary has come on leaps and bounds, having built up a particularly special rapport with Share's catering staff – she now confidently enters the building, puts away her jacket and changes into her catering uniform ready for her first task of the day.

Mary is also an active member of Share's Go Anywhere, Do Anything social programme, having attended several trips, including our first overnight trip – camping, and our first international trip to Paris. And she's gaining more confidence with each trip.

She loves sport (especially football), and can often be seen exploring the BBC Sports website. She's also a keen and talented artist, and she shares much of her work via various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Mary chooses to communicate with those at Share and express herself using visual signals, as well as various online and mobile platforms – and we're very proud of how she uses technology as a communication tool to best suit her needs.

Looking forward, Mary ultimately wants to move into supported living as she wants to live more independently and obtain paid employment. Mary says she likes everyone at Share and enjoys her time there. Mary's mother writes: 'For my part, Share has been a great opportunity for Mary to develop her kitchen skills and also her social skills. Everyone at Share has been helpful and supportive towards her. Mary has really enjoyed all the Go Anywhere, Do Anything trips and we would both like to thank everyone who organises these and accompanies Mary and the other learners.'

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