Shanice - getting fit and healthy

Shanice joined Share in 2016 after leaving college and studies independent living skills, catering and digital skills with us.

When Shanice first joined Share, she was shy and it took her a while to find her feet and get settled in. Now Shanice is probably best described as a bubbly outgoing lady, with a wicked sense of humour and a smile that is sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Hardworking and helpful, Shanice is a focused individual who takes on any tasks with aplomb and she will go out of her way to support other students.

A practical learner, Shanice is excelling within Share’s catering course, learning and implementing new techniques with ease and confidence. Although Shanice struggles with reading she embraces learning through visual stimulus so our digital skills course has helped to embed much of her learning using iPads and Siri.

One of the key reasons Shanice was initially referred to Share was because her circles of support were concerned about her weight and they were keen to help her improve her physical health. Previous reports had suggested that Shanice was resistant to taking part in activities that promoted weight loss and healthy eating.

But at Share, we’ve found Shanice to embrace any sporty activity on offer! As part of Share’s independent living skills course, she has loved taking part in our dancing, botcha and Zumba classes, and she even signs up for special sporting events such as sports days. She’s getting fitter and inevitably losing weight.

Shanice also achieved a unit qualification in ‘preparing a simple meal’. This enabled Shanice to work within a smaller kitchen preparing homestyle healthy meals. Shanice was able to bring her catering experience to help her to complete this unit.

Shanice is an active member of Share’s Go Anywhere Do Anything project, which has helped her to widen her social circle and build her confidence getting out and about. As part of this project, Shanice now has the opportunity to stay out late and go out on weekends.

Looking to the future, Shanice has told us that, one day, she would like to work in a local café.

What Shanice’s Student Star tells us

At Shanice’s first Student Star assessment, she scored 4 in the area of physical health. This means that while most of Shanice’s health needs were being met, there was room for Shanice to develop more independence in this area. During our initial Star meeting, Shanice expressed her wish to take part in activities to help her to lose weight. So we helped her to set up a goal and programme to take part in Share’s weekly Zumba sessions, which Shanice has consistently attended during her time at Share. This has led many to comment on her increased stamina and endurance.

On a recent visit to Share, Shanice’s community nurse praised her on her efforts and, informed us that Shanice has been steadily losing weight. On her most recent Star reading, she now scores 6 for physical health, which means she is well on her way to becoming more independent and responsible for her own health and wellbeing.

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