A Share social buddy's story

Social buddy out with Go Anywhere, Do Anything

We asked one of our social buddies, Karen Miles, who supports our Go Anywhere, Do Anything project to tell us about her experience so far...

Incredible! My time with Share is really quite amazing. I have met some beautiful people who make each trip brilliant. There is a wonderful caring atmosphere and after each trip I am left buzzing from spending time with some incredible people, doing some great things. I really look forward to every trip and have loved forming relationships with everybody involved. (I love it so much that I feel like I have had a very selfish volunteering experience so far!).

Go Anywhere Do Anything has an incredibly positive impact on its members. I have buddied up with some members multiple times and I can see how they have changed and become more confident and talkative as time has gone on – it is great to see more and more personalities emerging over time. To have the opportunity to be yourself, laugh and be happy in a non-judgemental, caring and supportive environment can only have a positive impact.

The environment of Go Anywhere, Do Anything, allows members to accomplish new things, form friendships and be more independent, while managing fears or apprehension that may arise in doing those things. What could be better for anyone's wellbeing than spending time with people who want to share new experiences with you and have fun doing so?!


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