Thanush - enjoying life at Share

Thanush and his tutor Gina

Thanush has always been a great character to be around. He is cheerful and likes a bit of banter. When he first joined us, he was uncomfortable sharing a huge amount about himself and preferred not to contribute to our pastoral sessions, where students talk about their lives and what they got up to at the weekend

Since then he has really come out of his shell. From only saying one or two words, now he happily shares what he’s been up to and how he’s feeling with the group.

Thanush has gradually become more focused on the tasks given to him and has a great memory. He’s also very good at serving. This has meant he has joined the catering team on trips to prepare and serve food at local events, gaining valuable work experience. This has really enhanced his skills as a team player. One day, he’d like to be an actor or a kitchen porter.

He enjoys words and word play and although he doesn’t always initiate conversation with others he’ll answer questions and participate heartily in class activities. He loves talking to people, saying random words and having them repeated back or a ‘yes/no’ game where he tries to get the other person to say either yes or no back to him.

Thanush responds well to sensory tools, he spends time in our relaxation room at breaks where he often strokes a sequin pillow to unveil other colours and plays with ‘theraputty’, or ‘squishy goo’ as he prefers to call it, which is colourful and comes in different strengths. This love of bright colours can be seen in his artwork too and also explains his love of playing Candy Crush Saga in his free time, a very colourful game. 

His cheerful personality extends to an enjoyment of helping others, but he doesn’t like being the centre of attention for too long – often saying ‘I am finished now’ when he has had enough. He likes having clear tasks and a routine to work to. Life at Share has supported this, enabling Thanush to have a structure that has helped him develop his skills and enjoyment of life.

Thanush has done so many great things since arriving at Share, but his biggest achievement is overcoming his discomfort and really getting involved in all activities. He will now not only get up and have a dance but encourage others around him to as well. It’s great to see him so clearly enjoying life.

“I feel happy when I come to Share Community. I like to learn new things every week.”

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