Tooting Common Wildlife Walks - My Community and Me

My Community and Me students with help from Eleanor


Mansoor – ‘We went out. We had a talk in the park – trees.'

Roy – ‘About puddles. About trees. You can listen for foxes.’

Djuna – ‘Park. Sandwich.’

Harish – ‘Nice walk in the park. Trees. Grass. Birds. I made a crow sound. I saw water and dogs.’

Sean – ‘We saw leaves; we saw a log.’

Andre – ‘I found a spider web. I did not like the mud or the dog. I think one day I will come here. I want a green gardener’s vest.’

Chris – ‘Dead trees. I made a crow noise. Joe talked about Magpies, berries. I looked at the trees, the twigs on the floor.’

Shanice – ‘We looked around at all the plants. We learned about bees in his hand.’

Gifty – ‘Walking in Tooting Park. Too hard walking. I held Yasmin’s hand. I couldn’t stop sleeping. I had fun and good.’

Yasmin – ‘We had a lovely time walking in the park. Me and Gifty made each other laugh. We had a lovely time.’

A student in the Friday group – ‘We went to Tooting Common. We saw a man Joe there – we talked about animals outside, the squirrels - they go up in the trees. Worms, caterpillars live in their house [tree trunk] then they turn into a butterfly.’

Edmond – ‘We were talking about birds. And about flowers, Joe picked a flower to look at it. We looked at logs – they cut them down.’

Our walks were provided by the Tooting Common Heritage Project

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