Ummair enjoys making art in Wandsworth libraries

Ummair with help from Eleanor
Ummair working on his art

Today we went to Putney Library. We did painting at Battersea Library. I made two pictures by painting and sticking down tissue with glue. It was nice last time. We went to the library and then came back to Share. Iqbal, Anne and Michael visited us. At Putney Library we saw all our art it was nice. I got a certificate. We’ll put our art in our folders. Two weeks ago me and Edmond went and had pizza at Pizza Express in Clapham Junction and it was too much to eat! It made us want to fall asleep. Then we went to the library. Next time we’ll eat half as much. Anne helped me make art and put different colours on the page. I had my cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato in Waitrose café.

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