'Art at home' creative challenge

To help raise awareness of World Autism Week 30th March - 5th April 2020, and to help provide activities for people staying at home, we're launching #shareartathome, an online challenge with weekly art activities to inspire and entertain.

We'd like to invite all students and anyone else who’s interested to participate.

New creative challenges will be set every Monday and we'd like you to take a photo of your work or record yourself doing the challenge and post it to Share’s social media channels using the hashtag #shareartathome.

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If you prefer feel free to email your photos and/or share your thoughts to marcomms@sharecommunity.org.uk.

We’re keen to keep a creative diary to stay inspired, motivated and connected.

Challenges are for you to interpret freely through sketching, etching, painting, collage, digital, photography and video. Any creative medium works.

Remember, these are just SIMPLE explorative challenges - no need to think too much, no need to create wonderful pieces of art. Just enjoy yourself and have FUN!

Share's art at home challenge

Week 1 - draw 3 things you love. Feel free to interpret how you wish. You could choose items from around your home like a favourite mug or piece of furniture. Alternatively use your imagination and think about what makes you feel good from within. Or think of the outside, like nature, parks and cities.

Week 2 - play a piece of music and draw what comes to mind.  This is all about mindful art. Put on any music you like, a favourite or something more random and then draw whatever you like, just let your imagination flow!