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We've got lots of creative activities for students to try during lockdown. From videos showing you how to create mindful doodles to regular creative challenges to keep busy and have fun at home.

NEW! Home art learning projects

Mindful art videos

Weekly art challenges

Daily sketchbook challenges for May

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Home art learning projects

Physical packs are available for students at home, please email if you would like to receive one.


Download here: 


Project 1: Words and Art

Download here: 


Project 2: Feelings and Art

Download here: 


Project 3: Storytelling and Art

Download here: 


Project 4: Response to Art

Download here: 


Mindful art videos

In this video, Diana will show you how to make beautiful tie dye patterns using home-made dyes. You can also watch a short video showing you how to make the dyes at home, just scroll down and you will see it.

How to create tie dye patterns using homemade dye


Here is the short video showing you how to make dyes at home. You can then use the dyes to create tie dye patterns as detailed in the video above:

DIY coloured dyes

You can download the 'recipe' for each dye here


You could try doing some mindful mark making:

Mark making with kitchen utensils


How about some doodling? It's a great way to relax and enjoy creating structured or freeform patterns. Here are some step by step videos we've created that take you through the process:

Mindful Doodling from Share

If you like you can also download the instructions here


How about a more colourful doodle:

Scribble and colour - mindful art from Share

You may also download the instructions for this one here.


Have you ever tried a zentangle?

How to create a Zentangle


Or what about getting outside in the fresh air if possible and painting some sticks:

Painting sticks - get creative!


You can also try some Spring themed colouring sheets here.


Weekly art challenges

On Mondays we're sharing  simple art challenges on our social media channels using the hashtag #shareartathome to keep people inspired, motivated and entertained. We'd love to see pictures of your artwork so please share and tag us:

Facebook @ShareCommunity  Instagram @share_community Twitter @ShareCommunity

You don't have to be on social media, we'll post the challenges here on this webpage and you can send in photos of your work by email to

These art challenges will be easy, accessible and are designed so you don’t think too much, you just do! They'll be inspired by a single word, a quote, or from items within our own homes.

Here's Diana talking about the first challenge:

Share's art at home challenge


Week 1

Draw 3 things you love.

Use any type of artist material, pen, pencils, paint, collage, whatever you like!

Week 2

Put on a favourite piece of music or just turn on the radio.

Then draw whatever comes to mind.

Just let your imagination flow.

Week 3 

Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea.

It's seen as a helpful colour that can ease the mind.

What does the colour blue make you think of?

Week 4

We like doodles!

Just get a pen or pencil and scribble away.

What random things will you draw while your mind is wandering?

Week 5

This quote is filled with colour, generosity and kindness.

Feel free to illustrate it whichever way you like. 

Week 6

This is all about collage.

Tear or cut pieces of coloured paper into shapes.

Or why not use paper from a magazine and arrange the pieces into a work of art.

Week 7

Draw a portrait of someone. Use anything you like, pens, crayons, pencils, paint.

Week 8

You can go online and choose a Frida Kahlo painting of your choic.

Interpret it through ‘dress-up’ or create a bold colourful copy of the painting you choose.


View the gallery of work that has been submitted here


Creative May - Sketchbook Challenge

We've created simple daily creative exercises to do throughout May. We'd love to see a portfolio of artwork develop and grow over the course of a month. This is great for our students or anyone else to engage in, it adds to a daily routine and builds confidence as well as improving mental wellbeing.

We'd love to see pictures of your artwork so please share and tag us using #shareartathome:

Facebook @ShareCommunity  Instagram @share_community Twitter @ShareCommunity

Or send in photos of your work by email to

NEW! Download tasks for weeks 3 & 4

Download tasks for week 2 in May

Download tasks for week 1 in May 

View the gallery of artwork submitted so far: