We have lots of videos to help horticulture students learn at home, click on the relevant topic below:

Watch a video about pruning

Watch a video about plants and water

Watch a video about how to plant a sunflower

Watch a video workshop about potting on

Watch a video about climbing plants

Watch a video about propagation

Try out a quiz about naming plants



This video tells you all about pruning



This video talks about the importance of water to plants



In this video Joanne shows you how to plant a sunflower


Here is a video workshop with Hannah showing you how to pot on. Scroll further for another video telling you all about climbing plants.


Here is a video to watch giving you information about climbing plants and how to care for them. If you prefer, you may download the pages from the video individually by clicking here.


Watch this video to find out about how to propagate.


Here is a little test! This powerpoint presentation has pictures of many different types of plants, can you name them? Ashley will tell you the answers soon. Email info@sharecommunity.org.uk for more details.