Independent Living

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Independent Living learning tasks

Recaps and more activities


Task 1: Learning objective I can manage difficult emotions PART 1

Step 1 - Please complete this worksheet – Matching Words to Emotions

Step 2 - Watch this video from the BBC about Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Step 3 - Complete this activity - Dealing with Difficult Feelings

Task 2: Learning objective I can manage difficult emotions PART 2

Step 1 - Read this sheet - How to Manage Difficult Emotions

Step 2 - Complete this worksheet:


Step 3 - Watch this video on YouTube and follow the breathing exercise

Task 3: Learning objective I can communicate different emotions

Step 1 - Read this sheet - Communication and autism

Step 2 - Watch this video on YouTube

Step 3 - Complete this worksheet:


Recaps to remind students what has been learnt so far this year:

  • Click here for a handy easy read recap of what students on Tuesdays have learnt
  • ​​​Click here for an easy read recap of what was covered by the Wednesday group


More activities to complete: