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What's happening at Share

As we’re all aware the recent increase in coronavirus cases means that a series of new restrictions have been announced. At Share we remain committed...
We’re delighted to provide additional education and training sessions at We Are 336, London’s largest disability hub based in Brixton. This means we...
Thanks to Big Lottery funding we’ve launched an initiative to bridge the gap between learning at Share and learning at home. Our Family Liaison...

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

We want to inspire people to have big dreams about adventure and exploration in and around London. We'd like to encourage people to try new things, from rollercoasters to rollerdiscos.

Share Nurseries

Share Nurseries, a social enterprise of Share Community, sells bedding, vegetable and herb plants throughout the year. Everything we sell is lovingly grown and nurtured by Share students as part of their horticulture training.

Share Catering

Share Catering provides catering for business meetings and events. So, whether it is breakfast, morning coffee or afternoon tea, canapé reception, buffet lunch or evening dinner, we can help you.