The art programme at Share provides an effective and safe way for our students to express themselves emotionally. We help people explore their creativity which offers them a way to communicate and discover thoughts and feelings. Our art therapies are motivational, helping people feel more confident.

Our three step programme covers a range of mediums:
  1. Awareness of style and colour palettes - students look at famous artworks and explore paints, pastels, pens and other materials. Digital painting on iPads is a fun and interactive way to express themselves and start to understand print and pattern design.
  2. Creativity with textiles - students use sewing machines to create bags and t-shirts, and learn hand painting on different materials.
  3. Sensory art - sessions are run experimentally focussing on the interaction between movement and dance. This helps get people moving and inspires creative mark-making.

Our approach

We encourage freedom of expression, supporting people to move at their own pace and explore the mediums that interest them the most.

We connect with other creative organisations, regularly taking part in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe with highly acclaimed student art exhibitions and shows.