Independent Living Skills

We teach the fundamentals of how to live independently; how to look after yourself, the importance of personal hygiene, how to use public transport, prepare simple food and drinks, and handle money.


We support students to use the appropriate way to communicate, either verbally, in writing, or with the help of assistive technology. We also help them learn strategies to manage situations where they may not be understood.

Everyday living skills

People develop skills relating to their house and home. For example, using domestic appliances, doing the household shopping, and learning basic cooking techniques.

Health and wellbeing

This involves learning how to look after yourself, eat well, and exercise. This stream also explores learning about the body and feelings (friendships and relationships).

Social responsibility

We help students understand rights and responsibilities, what is right and wrong, and how to be good citizens in society.

Our approach

We focus on practical life skills, often teaching in real-life settings out in the community to embed skills and help people make their own choices. 

We encourage everyone to look after their personal wellbeing, helping them develop the tools to manage their own health and happiness.

We set home tasks to involve parents and carers in students' progress and to ensure that learning continues outside Share.