Maths and English

Our classes cover maths and English for living and work. Designed to help students develop their literacy, numeracy and general communication skills, both courses aim to inspire students to advance to different programmes at Share or elsewhere.


  • City & Guilds Entry Level 1 and 2 in Maths and English Skills

We focus on practical, community based learning, like handling money, reading menus, travelling on public transport, and writing letters and emails. Students are encouraged to interact with the local community to put their classroom learning into practice.


Students are taught to count and measure, and to understand and apply maths in real life applications – for example, calculating change, operating a till in a supermarket and measuring ingredients for a recipe.


We support students to read and write standard written English to help them understand information and communicate more easily.

During lockdown in 2020 the English and maths group produced a Share newspaper, written by students and for students. Anyone who attends Share is welcome to submit articles and stories. The paper is produced in an easy-read format using Widgit and Photosymbols.