We use music to help students listen, communicate and express themselves.

People may bring in their own instruments if they wish, but we have a range of percussion instruments as well as violins and guitars. We also use audio-visual technology; our Immersive Learning Space lets us create multi-sensory environments to give a truly engaging learning experience.

The class aims to:
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Help people improve their attention spans and concentration
  • Encourage listening and responding by giving people a safe space in which to explore emotions and creativity
  • Help people communicate and connect with others in non-verbal ways

Our approach

Each course is tailored to each particular student group depending on their interests. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and to take turns leading the group.

Students occasionally participate in local concerts and we aim to attend performances, including those specially adapted by organisations like the London Symphony Orchestra to be accessible for a wide range of audiences. Sometimes we also welcome visiting musicians to the class.

Watch our video for an overview of musicianship at Share:

Musicianship at Share Community