Out and About

Students learn practical independent living skills out in the community rather than in a classroom setting. Our aim is to help our students develop the skills and confidence to participate equally and independently as citizens in their local communities.

Students learn how to:
  • Navigate the public transport network
  • Understand how to stay safe in public
  • Think about what might be needed on a trip out, depending on the weather and where they are going
  • Explore the local arts, culture and heritage sector, visit museums and other cultural organisations
  • Take part in community sports and exercise activities
  • Connect with nature and exploring various urban green spaces
  • Use community services like libraries and gyms
  • Make friends
  • Stay happy and healthy

Our approach

Learning is practical, helping people develop valuable independent living skills in real-life situations.

As with many Share programmes, this is user-led. Each person sets their own goals, progressing at their own pace. Students then move in the direction they choose, exploring the spaces, services, and activities that interest them most.

Check out this video made by the group about their trip to the Horniman Museum and Gardens.

Get out and about with Share's guide to the Horniman Museum