How to apply to join Share

Programmes run throughout the year, so people can join at any time.

Referral process

  • Students may be referred by a social worker, health worker and other professionals  such as Disability Employment Advisers and Support Brokers
  • Students may also refer themselves
  • The cost of coming to Share depends on the numbers of days a student would like to attend Share
  • Students can come to Share for a minimum of one day and a maximum of five days a week, Monday to Friday
  • The particular days of the week that a student attends Share are arranged in a consultation with the student and course tutors
  • Share operates a regular review system for all its students. For students who have an allocated social worker, reviews are usually held at three, six or 12 monthly intervals at Share, depending on each individual's specific needs

Share reserves the right to call a review at any time if it is considered necessary.

Share requests that any student with personal care needs must arrange to have a personal assistant to help them, either through Social Services or Direct Payments.

Payment options

  • Use your personal budget. If you have a personal budget and you are receiving your payments direct.
  • Referral by a social worker or health worker. If you don't have a personal budget, your social worker or health worker can refer you to Share. If you let them know you would like to study at Share, we will work with them to get you signed up.
  • Self-fund. If you can afford to pay for your studies from your own funds.

Risk Assessments

Share ensures that a thorough risk assessment is carried out for each student during the initial inquiry process. Due to the vulnerable nature of Share's client group, we hold the right to refuse applicants that have a history of sexual violence towards others.

Referral to other services

Finding the right service for your needsThere will be occasions when, in order to provide a client with the most appropriate service or opportunity, he or she will be offered a referral to one or more of the following:

  • A colleague within Share
  • An external support organisation
  • Employers and/or training providers

In arranging and implementing referrals, Share staff will:

  • Obtain the client's agreement for referral after explaining clearly the reasons for the proposed referral
  • Explain the referral process to clients so that they are aware of what is expected of them, what they need to do and how the referral colleague or organisation will work
  • Highlight what, if any, continuing responsibility the Share staff member making the referral will have towards the client and provide written confirmation of this
  • Ensure that referrals are appropriate to the needs and abilities of the client
  • Ensure that referrals match the basic requirements of any third party
  • Follow the Share Confidentiality Policy
  • Make referrals within five working days of the date of agreement with the client
  • Keep records of all referrals
  • Monitor the outcomes of all referrals to see whether or not the client is satisfied with the results
  • Give clients accurate and up-to-date information about referral organisations including name, location, contact details, area of expertise, and name of a contact (where possible)
  • Establish appropriate arrangements with external organisations to facilitate referrals

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