Social inclusion

Go Anywhere, Do Anything is our exciting social inclusion project for people to have fun and enjoy life. The project is funded by the Henry Smith Charity, Mercers' Company, Merchant Taylors' Company, and the Hummingbird Charitable Trust. It was originally funded for three years by the City of London Corporation's charity, the City Bridge Trust.

Our brief is simple: to offer people with learning disabilities opportunities to go anywhere and do anything. We want people to have big dreams about adventure and try new things, from rollercoasters to rollerdiscos. We find out what makes people happy, and then make it happen.

We've launched a new Go Anywhere Do Anything project called 'I Choose My Friends' that supports budding friendships at Share. People choose a friend, decide where to go together, and are then supported to go out by volunteers. 


People with learning disabilities tell us they can find it difficult to get out socially and meet new people. Life is better shared, and we want to provide opportunities for people to connect, relax, and have fun. By going out on trips and connecting with others, the project also helps to improve disability awareness in public spaces and at venues.

The project is supported by a team of fully trained volunteer social buddies. If you're interested in volunteering, please get in touch.

Become a social buddy with Go Anywhere, Do Anything


The Go Anywhere, Do Anything project is open to anyone who attends Share . If you're a student at Share and would like to suggest a trip to go on, we'll see what we can do!

Find out more by contacting Joseph Fitton on 07727 062 646, or email