Meet Andre

Settling in was challenging for Andre when he first joined Share. He became easily frustrated, struggled to manage his emotions, and sometimes argued with other students.

Our wellbeing team worked with Andre (on the right with his friend Vincent), exploring different tools and techniques he could use to calm himself when needed. They used social stories – which are short descriptions that explain particular social situations and demonstrate recommended responses – to help Andre learn how to deal with these situations positively. The team also taught Andre techniques like box breathing to help him relax and return his breathing rhythm to normal when he feels upset. He also enjoyed participating in a sensory art project, using the feel and texture of materials to improve his focus and relieve stress.

Andre enjoyed playing sports outdoors, so we made sure he was part of our inclusive football sessions, and he’s since joined our sports group, regularly visiting the Black Prince Trust sports facilities in Vauxhall. Sports sessions are helping him improve his teamwork skills as well as boosting his physical and mental wellbeing.

Andre has become more patient, helpful, and considerate of those around him. Now, he is often one of the first to notice that someone else is upset and will seek help if needed. He’s made new friendships with other students, increasing his Outcomes Star scores in communication and social skills, friendships and relationships, and wellbeing.

His dad said that Andre has ‘come on leaps and bounds when it comes to accepting change’. He added, ‘I’m surprised at how well he deals with it; he’s been taking things in his stride...he loves getting out and about as well, he’s willing to try anything, especially when it’s sport. He’s quite courageous and will give anything a go.’

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