Corporate volunteering

Volunteering with your company or university is a great way to develop your skills, make a difference, and learn more about your community. We have a range of opportunities for volunteer groups to support our work and have fun, including:

  • spending a day in our garden clearing an area for planting;
  • supporting our regular classes;
  • taking part in a cookery Masterchef challenge;
  • hosting a CV and interview skills workshop;
  • supporting a trip out to a museum or for a sports day.

A one-off or corporate volunteering day runs for a full day (9.30/10am - 3.30/4pm) for groups of between five and 15 people. We can also accommodate groups of five to ten volunteers over several days. We also welcome individuals who want to use their company volunteer days to support us.  

Volunteers are very special to us and help us to: 

  • Offer more services to our students - by giving us your valuable time and skills to do things we wouldn’t otherwise have time for ; 
  • Enrich our students' experience - by spending time with our students and connecting with them you can help them feel more socially included; 
  • Raise public awareness of what we do and why we do it.  

Volunteering with us will help you learn new skills, feel more connected to your community, and help disabled people feel more included in society.

This year, we've been delighted to welcome volunteers from UCL, Virgin Media, and Brand Brewery. 

We welcome anyone who shares our values and wants to help out. Where possible, we ask companies for a £25 donation per head and universities for a donation towards the running of the day to ensure our finances stay focused on delivering our services. This includes an introduction to our work in the form of a mini training session, refreshments, and lunch.   

If you would like to find out more and discuss how this opportunity could work for you, please email