Get Out and About

Launching September 2021

This exciting new project helps people get out and discover what's happening in the local area. Developing friendships and connections with others in the community helps people feel more confident and motivated.

Activities may include:
  • A ‘walk and talk’ club
  • Going to the gym or sports coaching
  • Getting involved with urban nature - exploring woodland activities, wellbeing in nature, and volunteer gardening
  • Learning about community safety - first aid, self-defence and money management
  • Accessing adult community classes and a library
  • Creating a Lambeth 'safari'

Get Out and About is designed for people who travel independently as a step on from our My Community and Me programme. They'll learn how to stay safe in public, developing long-term independence and the knowledge to access local facilities on their own.

Our approach

Learning is practical, helping people develop valuable independent living skills in real-life situations.

As with many Share programmes, this is user-led. Each person sets their own goals, progressing at their own pace. Initially activities are delivered in collaboration with community partners. Members who join the project then move in the direction they choose, exploring the spaces, services, and activities that interest them most.