Student voice

Our Spectrum group have made another film. This time, our students talk about things they find difficult, and the different techniques they use to respond to their emotions.

Spectrum is our regular group that meets to talk about what having a learning disability and/or autism means, and to celebrate what makes everyone unique. The group made a film sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.


Communication is vital, it’s about expressing ourselves as well as listening to others, and it’s also how we connect with the world around us. We’re all individual in how we communicate best and it’s important to give people time and space to...


After a long 18 months full of restrictions, members of Share's Go Anywhere, Do Anything social inclusion project partied the night away at Bubble Club. They run an arts programme...

Ella had her COVID-19 vaccination recently and was keen to tell everyone about her experience so she asked our facilitator Joe to interview her. After the jab she had four biscuits and a hot chocolate and a rest, well deserved Ella!


It can be a bit nerve-racking going to get the COVID vaccine but Alex took it in her stride. She explains what happens during the process.



Why Mark prefers Share's garden site in Tooting over Share's HQ in Clapham Junction.


It's always a good idea to thoroughly check out any organisation you join or study with. Gary tells us about his online research into Share before he started.

Paul gives us a fascinating insight into his childhood and talks about his family. 

Ross tells us how he met his new girlfriend and how long they've been going out.